Impact Canvas®

The Impact Canvas® tool by Y-kampus is aimed to enhance early idea testing and development with the focus on the impact on the society and/or the customer need.

What & Why: 

The Impact Canvas® tool is aimed to enhance early idea testing and development with the focus on the impact on the society and/or the customer need.

To whom:

The tool is targeted for the pre-start-up or researcher teams who want to describe and iterate the big picture of their idea and its impact. Furthermore the tool can be applied by the facilitators, coaches and experts who are supporting and sparring such teams.


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Please note that Impact Canvas®:

  • has a registered trademark,
  • is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and
  • is developed by team of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Research Services experts of Tampere Universities.

More information:

Leena Köppä, leena.koppa (at)

Y-kampus + Research and Innovations

Tampere University, Hervanta Campus

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The story of Impact Canvas® tool:

The history for the tool Impact Canvas begun in the late 2014 as we realized that the impact of research was emphasized more than before. At the same time the available tools, e.g. Business Model Canvas (BMC), did not serve the needs of teams with an early phase idea as we were using just a fraction of the BMC’s features.

The idea was born in our common workshop as Leena Köppä introduced an idea to the group to apply Business Model Canvas -methods to describing the impact. We also included the idea that the NABC model could also be applied. Leena Köppä, Stina Boedeker and Jörg Langwaldt stated that they wanted to develop the idea further together. This core team was unified by the need for a new tool to support research communities and pre-start-up groups.

After these first steps we have tested, re-organised and re-developed the Impact Canvas tool with the diverse stakeholders and contributors – all of those being potential users, customers. Testing and using of the tool has been the crucial element throughout the time.

Our Tampere3 execution team has evolved and changed along the path to bring together the needed mix of skills. These development-minded people are: Leena Köppä, Jörg Langwaldt, Stina Boedeker, Leena Aarikka-Stenroos, Ulla Saari, Tiina Koskiranta, Anne Tuhkunen, Leena Varis, Heini Kiviniemi and Riitta Kivimäki.