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Y-kampus is the first step on your path toward your dream. Think of it as a business-minded tribe, a home for those looking to surround themselves with fresh inspiration, successful ideas, and skilled people.

Y-kampus mentors represent a wide range of fields and companies of varying sizes. What they all have in common is a strong passion for running their own business. The mentors know what they’re talking about, meaning they’re ready to support and spar with anyone who shares their passion. This site lists only one portion of our list of mentoris and contacts, so message us and let’s find the right person for you.


Good advice is priceless, and here we hand it out for free!

Alongside the network of mentors, Y-kampus is supported by experienced coaches whose business coaching expertise ensures that you will receive long-term support and quickly learn the ropes of entrepreneurship. Expert advice and assistance is therefore available for every need and at every step along the way, at no charge. All you need to do is ask us!

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Would you like to be mentored?

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Would you like to become a mentor?

Get involved or refer a friend, message us:


Mia Kuitunen

Mikko Nurmi

Emmi Nuorgam

Erja Koivula

Erkki Laimio

Erkki-Jussi Welling

Hanna Puro

Heikki Lindevall

Henna-Riika Ruotsalainen

Jenni Holmen

Janita Relander

Jarkko Miettinen

Jarkko Jortikka

Jarne Lähteenmäki

Jarkko Haukijärvi

Johanna Tahlo

Joona Linna

Johanna Raiskio

Jukka Lankinen

Jussi Meresmaa

Jussi Niutanen

Teemu Karhu

Katri Lietsala

Kimmo Kumpulainen

Mari Helenius

Maria Niiniharju

Miia Järvilehto

Mikael Juntunen

Mikko Kuitunen

Mikki Ylevä

Pasi Rautio

Raija Kämäräinen

Saana Tyni

Sanna Seikosalo

Sanna Öster

Satu Ahlman

Taru Kumpulainen

Taru Puukko

Timo Salomaa

Tommi Keränen

Tommi Peltonen

Veikko Törrönen

Ville Nieminen

Vilma Vestelin

Anna Sutherland

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