Student Activator rekry 2019-2020

Location: Y-kampus

Ahoy there Team Player! Looking for new experiences to complement your studies?

Students of Y-kampus is recruiting entrepreneurial and resourceful Student Activators for the academic year of 2019-2020!

Students of Y-kampus ry is a student community for everyone interested in Y-kampus’ and its stakeholders’ activities. We are recruiting a student team for association’s board for the academic year of 2019-2020.

In these positions you get to build networks and create opportunities for students to develop their skills. We are looking for students to specified roles, but everyone will take part in organizing events and sparring ideas, for which Y-kampus offers training. We’re searching for curious and enterprising students who can communicate in English when necessary.

Send your freeform application to latest 31 March and tell us what role interests you the most and why. A compensation will be paid. Interviews will be held 1-5 April.  


Puheenjohtaja – Team Leader

The Team Leader works as the head of the team. He’s responsible for calling together regular meetings and representing the association in Y-kampus meetings and for stakeholders. Team Leader works actively with different networks (including Tampere ES, Tribe Tampere, TREY, Tamko, other student associations and guilds). The Team Leader is also responsible for recruiting the next board in cooperation with the Community Manager.

– Want to challenge yourself as a leader and take responsibility? Then this might be your position.


Varapuheenjohtaja – Community Manager

The Community Manager is responsible for coordinating various event stands, workshops and info events for representing in stakeholder events. The tasks include organizing a benchmark excursion. The Community Manager supports the Team Leader in board activities and takes part in recruiting the new board. If Team Leader is absent, Community Manager substitutes them.

– Can you handle many irons in the fire? Are you up to taking more responsibility? This is your position.


Sihteeri ja tiedotusvastaavaPublic Relations Specialist

The PR specialist is responsible for writing memos in board meetings. The tasks include publicizing: keeping the website up to date and sending the newsletter four times a year. The PR specialist works closely with the Growth Owner.

– In this position, you will learn board activities, website functions and publicizing.


Talousvastaava – Financial Specialist

The Financial Specialist is responsible for the association’s finances by invoicing, approving purchase invoices and taking care of bank affairs. The Financial Specialist monitors and reports the association’s financial state to the board and pays the compensations. He/she also draws the budget with the rest of the board.

– Feeling like Uncle Scrooge more often than not? Loving accounting and the numbers? This is your position!


YhteistyövastaavaPartnerships Specialist

The Partnerships Specialists coordinates external relations to stakeholders. They make contracts and monitor them with partners. Different purchases and co-events fall into their category. Experience from sales and contractual legal knowledge are to your advantage. The Partnerships Specialists work in close cooperation with the Event Specialists.

– Do you love making endless calls and are you up to developing your selling skills? This is a great position to learn about getting sponsors and making contracts.


Opintovastaava – Student Affairs Specialist

The Student Affairs Specialist is responsible for the association’s student affairs in the higher education community. Information sharing between the association and staff is emphasized. The Specialist knows about the Y-kampus curriculum and takes part in developing it. Organizing the freshmen orientation lectures and participation in other education matters is one of the Specialist’s tasks.

– Are you into student affairs? Is entrepreneurship something that lacks visibility in studies? This is the position to have effect on that.


Markkinointi– ja viestintävastaava – Growth Owner

The Growth Owner produces marketing material (banners, posters, other print products) and media content and oversee social media accounts. They are responsible for the association’s growth and managing and developing the marketing sector. They operate in close cooperation with the PR Specialist. Experience in producing visual material and photography are to your advantage when applying for this position.

– Confident with a pencil and a camera? If you want to tell our visual story and develop our image, this is your position!


TapahtumavastaavatEvent Specialists

The Event Specialists produce a fixed number of events (big and small) in the three campuses. These Specialists know their campuses from inside out and are in charge of making sure that the events go as planned. They are aware of the annual event concepts, develop them and create new event concepts. The work in cooperation with other board members to include everyone in event production.

– Is your campus like your second home? Have you produced events already? Then this is your position to help develop the activities of Y-kampus.


Sparrausvastaava – Entrepreneurship Coach

The Sparring Coach is responsible for sparring and instructing customers with potential business ideas in the Hervanta campus. On other campuses the university staff do this task.

– Are you into helping others and want to cultivate their ideas? Then this is your position.