Business through research

Y-kampus is a meeting place for science, working life, and talent. It is an academic, business, and innovation community that offers support and tools for using research results.

Leveraging research data and skills as extensively and proficiently as possible brings benefits to everyone from researchers, students, and universities to society as a whole. Creating new business is one facet of this process. There are many ways to put research results to good use – let’s work together to find the one that fits you best!


A unique path from idea to innovation

Do you have a dream, idea, or innovation up your sleeve? Are you interested in commercializing it, but lack support and the right team? Now’s the time to take action, with the Y-kampus team of experts to guide and support you in the commercialization process every step of the way, from finding a business model and patenting your idea to sparring, networking, and pitching.

The goal of commercializing research results is to find a commercial user for research conducted at a university. Universities can create business based on research results, through contract research, technology licensing, and spin-offs.



Find a team or make the switch from researcher to entrepreneur

The first step in commercializing research results is to identify who owns the rights to the data and determine a committed party or person(s) to make use of the research results in a commercial capacity. The most common method is to transfer expertise and inventions to research project partners. Another option is to set up a new business.

Results generated through open research are the property of the researchers. They can commercialize the results either independently or in cooperation with a university. The Act on the Right in Inventions Made at Higher Education Institutions (369/2006) and rights transfer agreements concluded as part of an employment relationship, grant the university the rights to research results produced through contract research. Universities themselves do not make use of research results commercially other than on the basis of research projects.



Boosting commercialization through financing

The process of turning research results into business takes a lot of work and commitment, and finding the right funding plays an important role in the process. To boost commercialization efforts, one option is the Tekes funding arrangement “New knowledge and business from research ideas”, the purpose of which is to promote new and innovative business. Y-kampus provides workshops and team-specific support aimed at training researchers in how to apply for funding.



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