Gaining momentum through networks – eTasku growing exponentially

COMPANY – When applying to schools in spring 2010, Tommi Keränen knew he would like to work on one of his ideas. His chose to attend Business Camp, which led to him eventually managing eTasku, one of the most popular expense and travel invoicing services in Finland, along with a group of friends.

Keränen admits that entrepreneurship seemed appealing to him from the start, and the strong desire to try his luck as a business owner was a key factor in him choosing his place of study. He would not be here without the PIB project’s Business Camp.

“In the spring of 2013, when attending the boot camp event with Joel Ojala to develop our mobile app idea, we got to know the founders of eTasku, Toni Leppänen and Saku Pihlajaniemi, who had studied at TUT. Later that year, we ended up joining forces with the eTasku team.”


Products of different backgrounds

Thanks to the collaboration, the company now had skilled sales representatives to complement its software expertise. According to Keränen, the boot camp, which focused on innovation and idea sparring, provided a solid foundation for building eTasku together.

“Things started happening very quickly. In a couple of years, eTasku has gone from practically nothing to the trusted tool of more than 15,000 companies, and in fall 2015, it was selected as the best mobile service in Finland. At the same time, our turnover has increased exponentially.”

The networking truly paid off. According to Keränen, one of the advantages of the eTasku team is that many of those involved are the products of different backgrounds. The varied educational histories and approaches are a definite asset to the team.

“In addition to providing valuable sparring and support, Y-kampus is an excellent platform for networking. It brings together a wide range of people from different study programs, ensuring that the necessary core expertise is there from the start.”


Results through teamwork

In a good team, you can trust each other’s skills and create impressive results together. Along the way, this group has managed to shake up the traditionally dull and gray impression of the accounting field. The company is known for its humorous marketing.

“Everything from eTasku’s image to the content it provides truly reflects who we are as people. The right path can usually be found through trial and error. When the foundation of the digital service is in place – based on good customer service, easy commissioning, and a functional product – aiming for growth is easy. Our goal is to become the market leader in Finland and the Nordic countries.”