Y-kampus can help you find the job of your dreams or set up your own business. If you are looking to realize your passions and develop your ideas alongside your studies, it can act as a great springboard to take you to greater heights.

Y-kampus offers a wide array of studies focusing on the various aspects of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re looking for basic or in-depth learning opportunities, we have online studies, workshops, and seminars to cover all your needs.

Start in the wading pool or jump right in at the deep end

At Y-kampus, you can test and develop your skills in a way that fits you. The studies are firmly focused on learning by doing. Courses are organized at all three campuses involved – in Hervanta, Kauppi (TAMK) and the City Centre – and they are open to students from all disciplines.

In addition, you will have access to our experienced network of mentors who are always ready to be your sparring partners in relation to entrepreneurship, idea development, and international growth.

Jump in and make it happen!

Get to know our study offering for 2020-2021.

For more information on Y-kampus courses, you can contact each campus separately:

Y-kampus (TAMK): Marika Vuorenmaa,

Y-kampus (TAU): Maria Ruokonen,

With the cross-institutional service, you can enroll in Y-kampus courses held by other campus.

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