Artful Business Creation

Credits: 15 | Identifier: | Campus: Online | THUAS | Period: 24.08.2020

What business and art have in common? Usually very little, but when you start thinking differently and combine these two, weird things can happen. Do you want to know more? 

TAMK and THUAS (The Hague University of Applied Sciences) have done deep co-operation for years and two years in a row our students have participated Artful Business Creation (ABC) -minor in the HagueThis is possible also this year, and very simple: 2020 edition is totally online. Minor starts in the end of August.


ABC is a 15 ECTS minor created by Faculty of Management and Organization in THUAS. 

Students will learn how to become more creative and relate artistic practices to their own. Instead of learning more about traditional business models and tools, students familiarize themselves with concepts, practices and techniques from the world of art and creative industries and learn how to apply them, hands-on the world of business. 

In ABC, international and interdisciplinary teamwork is key. You will be working in a team, you will receive team coaching and you will be assessed/graded as a team. So if you are looking for a solo-ride… 

As a team, you will work on a real-life assignment provided by a real-life assignment provider. 


ABC takes place from week 35 to week 45.

In principle classes take place on Tuesday and Friday. Team meetings, meetings with your assignment provider and virtual fieldtrips may take on different days. 

Because of the covid-situation, the 2020 edition of ABC will be delivered completely online. While the current developments do allow for some relaxations in terms of social distancing and thus for offline education, other considerations play a role too. The most important one for us is that we want ABC to maintain its interdisciplinary and international character. Students from partner universities – including Tampere -should be able to enroll and get the full ABC experience!


Please bear in mind that ABC is weird in many ways: we will focus extensively on the use of multiple senses (think: what does the assignment smell or sound like?) and we will try to make you believe that photography, dance, film and theatre are valuable techniques in exploring challenges within your project. We will introduce you to stuff that doesn’t seem to make sense, not to your project and maybe not at all. So you please like weird if you sign up for ABC! 

We don’t care if you consider yourself to be an arty, creative person or quite the contrary. But we do care about your attitude: can you be an open-minded, curious, judgement-postponing person for 10 weeks? 

This is the third edition of ABC and we can safely say that ABC is what you make it. ABC alumni will agree: the more hours and energy you put in, the more rewarding (in the broadest sense) ABC is. 

We can offer seats for five students of TAMK and Tampere University.


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Deadline for application is 3.8.2020. Tell briefly, why and how ABC would fit your studies and interests.

Artful Business Creation - On this course you will learn how to become more creative and relate artistic practices to your own. Your attitude is the most important thing: can you be an open-minded, curious, judgement-postponing person for 10 weeks?


"Learned a lot about working in an international team. This was truly a course about thinking outside the box!"

Feedback from the previous attendees from TAMK