Business mentoring program 2020

Credits: 2 | Identifier: | Campus: Kauppi, Hervanta, Keskusta | Period: 07.09.2020

Are you ready to share your knowledge and help a new entrepreneur to grow? If yes, become a junior mentor!

This mentorship program is a new way to build and improve your business coaching skills with an experienced business mentor from Pirkanmaa Business Mentors.

Together you will be helping a new business to bloom: getting the first customers, setting up digital marketing channels or defining the product offering.  All based on the needs of the fresh entrepreneur and your insights.

This mentoring program can be tailored to your needs and wishes on how much you can dedicate time. Typically it is 2-3 credit points, meaning 55 – 85 hours of work. To earn the credits, you need to be an active member of the mentoring team, deep dive to the case with the entrepreneur, give your best effort and solutions in solving the case as well as write a learning diary to be shared with your colleagues at the course.

In addition to mentoring tasks, each junior mentor has a chance to write a development report and apply for financial reward of 160 €. This program is organized together with City of Tampere Employment Services.


We will publish here a list of companies who are looking for junior mentors in August 2020:

  • Case No1
  • Case No2
  • Case No3
  • Case No4
  • Case No5

There will be 12 entrepreneurs from different industries in the next execution!


The programs’ more detailed schedule will be published in August.


Apply to this program on the registration form. An expert at City of Tampere will form matching pairs of the entrepreneurs and junior mentors.

Link to registration: (…will be here in August 2020….)


If you have any questions, please contact

City of Tampere: