Business mentoring program

Credits: 4 | Identifier: | Campus: | Period: 01.04.2019

Are you ready to share your knowledge and help a new entrepreneur to grow?

This mentorship program is a new way to build and improve your business coaching skills with an experienced business mentor from Pirkanmaan Yrityskummit ry.

Together you will be helping a new business to bloom: getting the first customers, setting up digital marketing channels or defining the product offering. All based on the needs of the fresh entrepreneur and your insights. There are overall 11 companies in the fields of for example heath care, export of education, ICT, software, training and mobility services. 

If you are eager to participate and earn 2-4 credits, enroll now. To earn the credits, you need to be an active member of the mentoring team, concretely work with the entrepreneur and write a learning diary to be shared among your colleagues at the course.

This program is organized together with City of Tampere/ Työllisyyspalvelut.

Join our Get Together event to learn more about the program:

Business Mentoring program Get Together

March 12th 9-12, Tribe Tampere



9:00-10:00 My Business Case

Short presentations of each business mentoring case

10:00-10:30 Business Culture in Finland

Timo-Pekka Leinonen, CEO at WordDive Oy

10:30-11:00 Business Planning and Design

Oskars Zapackis, CEO at MyEMSO Oy

11:00-12:00 Networking


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Calling junior mentors


  1. Health services, osteopathy

Providing osteopathy and reflexology services to adults and children in collaboration with six entrepreneurs.

Mentoring need: Starting a business. Expanding the business activity of nursing services.

Mentoring language: Finnish, English


  1. Yoga, art treatment, acupuncture services

Improving body’s physical condition with the help of yoga, art and creative methods of Chinese medicine.

Mentoring need: Sales strategy. Branding.

Mentoring language: Finnish, English


  1. Case services

Psychiatric nurse provides mental training for people.

Mentoring need: Customer segmentation and acquisition. Creating a marketing plan in a specialized field of activity.

Mentoring language: Finnish


  1. Health services, osteopathy

Providing osteopathy and reflexology services for adults and children in collaboration with six entrepreneurs.

Mentoring need: Creating a brand and image. Developing the role of a company in market.

Mentoring language: Finnish, English


  1. Food services

Online sales service for ready meals. Calories and macros in the meals are optimized to support stamina.

Mentoring need: Service and sales strategy, customer acquisition. Productisation.

Mentoring language: Finnish, English


  1. Welfare and training

Anatomy and physiognomy expert provides a mobility program that follows the bio-integrity model.

Mentoring need: Service design. Video production. Development of web platform. Financing.

Mentoring language: Finnish, English


  1. Export of education

Provides training and school consulting. Service has a strong concept. Knowledge focus on the university level.

Mentoring need: Expanding the business activity. Employee management, recruitment. Product development. Patent application.

Mentoring language: English


  1. ICT

Provides software development for innovative products (IoT, SaaS). Expertise in desktop, mobile and web-based development platforms.

Mentoring need: Sales and marketing. Customer acquisition.

Mentoring language: English


  1. Building software

Marketing, training and consultancy services for railway construction design software.

Mentoring need: International sales (France and french speaking countries), marketing strategy.

Mentoring language: English


  1. Training services

Provides training for data analysis of biotechnological processes for universities, businesses and private individuals.

Mentoring need: Customer acquisition, marketing. Business management.

Mentoring language: English


  1. Mobility services

Provides easy and affordable bicycle rental services exploiting intelligent technology.

Mentoring need: Productisation. Creation a business model. Financing.

Mentoring language: English\