Credits: 5 | Identifier: NN00FA81-3003 | Campus: Online | Period: 22.10.2020

Application period continues until 4 October 2020! Apply here!

C-LAB is an 8-week sprint where you will develop ideas from experiment to a concrete and sustainable launching plan – to create value and impact. You will co-operate and work in a multidisciplinary team together with the idea creator/owner.

Application for this course opens 1.9.2020 and ends 30.9.2020.


After the course you:

  • understand the different phases in a commercialization process
  • can apply knowledge and modern development tools
  • can use lean methodology and consumer centricity for a launch plan
  • can work together in a team and co-operate with others to develop ideas and turn them into action

C-LAB focuses on real life cases. The program supports moving from experiment phase to commercialization phase:

  • How to turn an idea to create many-sided value?
  • Customer centric idea development: learning quickly from success and failures
  • How to use digital platforms/tools to evaluate the idea and creating business?
  • Modern sales and marketing

The program is facilitated by a commercialization coach. The process is:

  1. new information
  2. active dialogue
  3. explorations
  4. summarizing

The development cycle is based, where applicable, Scrum and Lean Startup methodologies, TAMK Proakatemia’s model of team learning as well as Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Disciplined Entrepreneurship framework.


1. 108 ELECTRICITY is part of the Leppäkoski and FACTORY 108 – Creative Centre’s Joint Energy Community project, which aims to introduce and develop new and innovative energy solutions. The main goal of the project is the self-sufficient Tehdassaari area in Nokia (as well as an international export product for the global energy revolution). 108 ELECTRICITY is electricity from renewable and partly locally produced energy sources, based on Leppäkoski’s intelligent electricity product. It is a new kind of value-based option, where customer orientation and social/civic responsibility are packaged as a natural everyday choice. 108 ELECTRICITY is an eco-act, a cultural act, an education act and a local act with significant social impacts. It promotes a fair transition through community, equality and creativity and it maintains culture, art, science and health, and enables the creation of new jobs. Jump in to create a go-to-market plan and plan its launch for 108 ELECTRICITY, especially if you are studying or otherwise interested in business, marketing, communication, journalism or environmental engineering.

#0energycosts #0carbonfootprint #100%happiness 

2. Digihospital enables remote medical services no matter where you are at. What kind of services the future customers of Digihospital want and need? What they are interested in and what could make their lives easier? What would Digihospital look like? Jump in to create go-to-market plan and sales strategey for Digihospital, especially if you are studying or otherwise intersted in business, marketing, sales, communication, UX/UI, graphic design or health care service development.

#digihospital #healthcare #customerunderstanding 

3. Ecosocialwell-beingplatform at Tehdassaari, Nokia/Finland Sustainable cities will be the winners in the future. People are relocating to cities offering higher quality of life, yet are experiencing greater social isolation. In response, Cireco’s holistic model for regional development creates a resilient ecosystem for more circular and sustainable construction and reduction of unemployment through an ecosocial wellbeing platform. Innovation is directed toward the imminent needs of restructuring, establishing an integrated ecosystem with significant social impacts, creating new business and job opportunities for small business entrepreneurs, advancing circular economy, and enhancing cultural participation. Join this case if you study or are interested in eg. architecture, social sciences (eg. psychology), marketing, regional development and/or circular economy and want to learn how to do a go-to-market plan for this ecosocial wellbeing platform! 

#ecosocialwellbeing #sustainability #circulareconomy 

4. Lead a successful business with a new agile data-driven approachYou are ambitious to solve global problems as high failure rates cost many firms several million dollars a year. You have an agile mindset and aim to work in leadership, knowledge management, human resources, information technology, marketing, sales, finance, and interest in human behavior. Partner with this startup, if this description matches your passion. Let’s productize services and create a user-friendly go-to-market plan together.

#agile #datadrivenapproach #leadwithdata

5. TidyFire – Pure heat & ambience – effortlessly without smoke or litter 

Please chooseif you are interested more in case 5. A) or B). 

A) One million fireplaces in Finland alone are a significant local emissions source. Emissions from small scale firewood combustion cause as many premature deaths as road traffic, every year. TidyFire products offer an easy way of heating homes effectively and cleanly – without health concerns. Come and join us in a mission for easier, cleaner, and healthier future – help us create an impactful commercialisation plan for TidyFire!

B) The need to make everyday living at home easier is growing as the population is ageing. Senior citizens are accustomed to using firewood as an additional heat sourceTidyFire products facilitate people’s living in their own homes and offer effortlessclean, and healthy alternatives to traditional forms of log heatingCome and join us in a mission for easiercleaner, and healthier future – help us create an impactful commercialisation plan for TidyFire

#firewithoutsmoke # ecodesign #betterfuture 

6. QualityDesk is a quality assurance and coaching software that enables contact centers to create the best possible customer experience for their customers. This startup, founded in 2017, already works with several organisations, such as Lähitapiola, Elenia, Fortum and Posti. In order to grow and help their customers even more in leadership practices, they need YOUR insights in productizing and commercializing a service around their cool software. To improve organisations’ leadership practices, what kind of services are needed, how to productize them and how to bring those to market? Partner with QualityDesk to find out! 

#customerexperience #customerservice #leadership


This course is an intensive 8 week sprint. Please make sure you have time to work 15 hours per week during the course. In addition to the sessions you will work on the assignments with your team.

We actively follow up the Covid-19 situation and the guidelines of Tampere Universities. This course will become fully online. Smaller teams can connect and meet at campus if needed.

Sessions @12-16 Online
22.10. (City Centre A05)
29.10. (City Centre A05)
5.11. (City Centre A05)
12.11. (City Centre C9)
26.11. (City Centre A05)
3.12. (City Centre A05)
10.12. (TAMK/Kauppi Paja)

17.12. (City Centre A05)

Assessment criteria


Approved when you have demonstrated commitment and productivity in 8-week C-LAB work. You can do it by showing to understand the assignment, being capable to provide ideas, seeking for solutions and making a presentation that is understandable to the team. You can run an experiment to the business idea and can independently describe the occurred commercialization process, its phases and outcome.

Failed if you cannot describe what was done during the commercialization process, its phases, methods and outcome. You have not gained the knowledge required to run a commercialization project.


Application is open 1-30 September 2020! Apply here!

Apply first on the application form. You will receive news of your acceptance to the course in the beginning of October.

If we accept you, we expect you to participate. The partners are looking forward on your input!

Please NOTE: After you are accepted to the course, you will receive instructions to officially register in the university system.


If you have some questions about C-LAB, please contact Maria.

Maria Ruokonen, maria.ruokonen@tuni.fi.

Picture of team work. "C-Lab is an 8 week sprint, where you will develop ideas from experiment to a concreate and sustainable launching plan – to create value and impact."