Credits: 2 | Identifier: | Campus: A three day intensive course | Period: 18.08.2020

The majority of the work of the future will be done in teams, and there is a huge demand for team experts. Do you want to learn how to build a successful team and how can we effectively influence team results and performance? How should you lead a team? And how can team increase peoples well being? You will get answers to these questions  at the Y-kampus GrowthBootcamp (2 cr).

At this three-day intensive GrowthBootcamp you will get practice based learning about team skills and team leadership skills. The camp with its preliminary materials is a total of 2 credits.


GrowthBootcamp is for up to 20 students, and it will be implemented in a farm tourist destination 18-20.8.2020. If contact teaching cannot be arranged, GrowthBootcamp will be organized as an online course. Nine students will have the opportunity to continue their growth by working at Y-kampus student team over the next academic year. In the student team you can practice all you have learned at Bootcamp and even more.

Y-kampus job will be paid (8h / week) and the job will be based on your own interests. Working in the student team will include tasks like:

  • assistant coach, concrete practical training on coaching
  • international cooperation
  • operating in different business networks
  • organization of events
  • marketing and its planning
  • attending various student events as a representative of Y-kampus

Apply for GrowthBootcamp via this form. Apply latest 12.8.2020!

Read more about Y-kampus student team and the new Growth Programme.