Innovation Challenges

Credits: 5 | Identifier: NN00FD73-3001 | Campus: Kauppi | Hervanta | Keskusta | Period: 23.10.2019





These challenges are real life projects, that bring your creativity skills up. This course will take your theory knowledge into practice and shows you the innovation project phases through real examples. You will challenge your thinking and gain insights about your own strengths and capabilities – you build your expertice. This course pushes you into action: setting goals and achieving them. All this is done together with the team and excellent coaches – not alone.

In addition to curiousity, you need to commit to 10-15 working hours per week.



The next Innovation Challenges begin in January 2020! Stay tuned for more information!

For the autum 2019 batch, apply here by Fri 11.10. Each team will have 5 members.

CHALLENGES – autumn 2019 :

  • 1 What is needed for developing a sustainable city?
    Case Hiedanranta
    : What kind of knowledge could help city planning to renew itself in such a way that it would generate even more sustainable solutions? What kind of perspectives and fields of science should be brought together to create genuinely new results? The challenge has been offered by the Vice Dean of Social Sciences, professor Liisa Häikiö. It is possible for the student team to partly work at the new Hiedanranta premises.
  • 2 Blow up customer journeys and enable clothes to live longer
    Case Rekki: People in Finland stock approximately 2 billion euros worth of unused clothes in their wardrobes. The aim of this challenge is to spark young adults to move their good quality, unused clothes to the next user. What kind of a customer journey would be most convenient and easy for a person handing over extra clothes and accessories? It is possible for the student team to partly work at the company premises at Sarankulma.
  • 3  Daily carbon dioxide budget as a part of our daily decision making?
    How do people calculate their carbon dioxide budget in their daily lives, or do they calculate it at all? What kind of daily decisions have a direct or indirect impact on the size of our carbon dioxide footprint? What is needed to remove and replace daily obstacles and habits that are preventing us from making sustainable choices? The case is related to Towards Eco-Welfare State project and the student team’s ideas can be tested in the project. The challenge has been offered by the Vice Dean of Social Sciences, professor Liisa Häikiö.
  • 4 Two-seat electric bicycle as a business platform
    Case Scouter: How would you like to make new business with a novel looking electric bicycle? Do you sell it as a moving advertising board or for delivering pizzas? Actually those have been tried out already – what’s next? The bicycle has two seats and a place for goods. The bicycle is powered by both electribity and manpower (by riding it) and it will certainly turn heads around! The challenge is offered by Rideascout Oy, a Tampere-based company that has designed the electric bicycle together with Valmet. Check the international article:
  • 5 There is no first or second hand – taking opinion leadership
    How can a company take the role of opinion leadership in its field of business? What kind of old-fashioned prejudices should we shake off when it comes to using clothes and acting in a sustainable manner? What kind of activities make a second hand business a responsible one? The challenge is provided by Rekki, that offers a website for recycling good quality clothes, shoes and accessories. It is possible for the student team to partly work at the company premises at Sarankulma.
  • 6 Better working life for knowledge workers – how to survive through enthusiasm and change without becoming too burdened?
    Case Gofore:  The company has grown intensely and has hired personnel who are enthusiastic and have a good drive for making things happen. At Gofore, a major part of decision making takes place at the individual level. There is a lot of freedom and a lot of responsibility – at the same time the content of work, working methods and customer needs are changing rapidly. How can Gofore support the wellbeing and performance of its employees, what kind of support can be offered and in which channels?
  • 7 Bring your own challenge!
    You can enroll in the InnovationChallenges course by bringing your own challenge! If you want to be inspired, you can e.g. check the goals of sustainable development offered by United Nations: tästä.  We will take care of the process which will enable you to develop your interest into a potential innovation.



Place: Univeristy, City center A05 (next to Y-kampus space)

  1. Wed 23.10. at 14-17
  2. Wed 30.10. at 14-17
  3. Wed 06.11.  at 14-17 Proakatemia, Finlayson
  4. Wed 13.11.  at 14-17 Proakatemia, Finlayson
  5. Wed 20.11. at 14-17
  6. Wed 27.11. at 14-17
  7. Wed 04.12. at 14-17
  8. Wed 11.12. at 9-17
  9. Along the road team specific working sessions

Why should I enroll?

You will ensure to develop skills to benefit you in your future career:

  • Innovation skills
  • Interaction skills
  • Succesful team working
  • Leadership
  • Self initiative

See more about the future working skills: World Economic Forum  Skills 2022


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