Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Credits: 5 | Identifier: NN00FA93-3002 | Campus: TAMK | Period: 24.10.2019

Lectures 2019: Thu at 15.00 – 18.00 (starting on 24.10.)

Place: Auditorio G00 – 10, TAMK, Kuntokatu 3

Introduction to Entrepreneurship covers the basic principles of entrepreneurship, its concepts and specific skills.

This course acts as a basis for the rest of the content in ’19Ykampus’ study program.

This course is a combination of practical lecturers, literature and guest speakers who will open up the reality of entrepreneurship.


– Lean startup

– Ethical entrepreneurship

– Future trends and entrepreneurial competencies

– Innovative business models as a success factor

– Profitable business and its finance

– Company forms

– Born global -ideology

– Modern sales and marketing

– Startup way: key elements in a successful startup, what a failure can teach us?


– understands the variety of phenomena in entrepreneurship and related skills

– can describe different forms of companies and their competencies

– understands the concept of business idea development and future anticipation

– can evaluate entrepreneurship as an alternative to personal career plan.

The content is organized as a combination of different learning methods:

– Guest lecturers

– Participation to a startup event

– Expert sessions

– Literature

– Learning diary

Criteria: Approved when student can demonstrate via a learning report or similar to have understood the basic principles in entrepreneurship. He/she can evaluate own skills and motivation in acting as an entrepreneur. Failed if student does not understand the basic principles in entrepreneurship, company forms or terminology. He/she does not have solid understanding of the competencies needed in entrepreneurship and cannot therefore evaluate her/his own chances in running an own business.

Language: Finnish

Venue and timetable: TAMK, sessions on Thursdays starting on 24 October, 2019.

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