Service Design and Business Development (online course)

Credits: 5 | Identifier: NN00CX59-3007 | Campus: TAMK | Period: 01.10.2019

Service design is a user-oriented approach to design and development that has gained ground in recent years. Rooted in the world of design from a theory perspective, it combines design-focused thinking with business development. The emphasis is on involving the customer in development work.

The course is structured around theory and practical work, since learning by doing is the best way to get to grips with the principles of service design. It is ideal for customer representatives as well as those interested in design and development work and managing a development project. The course is a key to adopting a customer- and user-oriented way of thinking.


  • Understands the philosophy, terminology, and processes of service design (service design, design thinking, business development, etc.) and can apply them in practice
  • Can use service design tools to develop their own work/organization (service path, customer profile, prototyping, testing, customer understanding, etc.)
  • Can determine the core problem and build a process around it that uses service design and engages the organization
  • Understands the basics of facilitation, idea creation, and data analysis


  • How can the end users of various services and/or representatives of different organizational departments be engaged in the development process?
  • How will customer insights be collected?
  • How is the information collected analyzed and utilized?

Language: Finnish

Place: Online course

For more information, please contact the course coach:

Tanja “Tirri” Verho
Y-kampus Kauppi


TAMK students: PAKKI

TAU students: Cross-institutional service