Startup Experience Pre-incubator

Credits: 5 | Identifier: NN00FA94-3003 | Campus: Hervanta / TAMK / Online | Period: 13.01.2021


A place to develop your business idea and your team to the next level!

Startup Experience is an innovative and internationally interesting pre-incubator programme which combines the methods of team coaching, purposeful development of team skills and individuals alongside the traditional business development.

Startup Experience is a pre-incubator programme that supports the teams in taking the first steps towards entrepreneurship. You will get support in building a successful team and refining and conceptualization of the business idea. In this pre-incubator we will develop your business idea to the next level – together with the team and coaches. Team members will get a good package of information and knowledge in creating and working in a successful team.


Anyone with a business idea and a team. You don’t need to have a business running yet, an idea and a team is enough!


Startup Experience is an 8 week pre-incubator course which consists of online lessons and assignments, weekly sessions at the campus and meetings with a mentor.

Each team can decide a suitable time to accomplish the weekly online lessons and assignments. The lessons and assignments orientate for the weekly sessions at the campus and will also take team forward with the business idea.

Team sessions at the campus are held at Hervanta at TAMK Kauppi. Your team will decide on which campus you will attend the sessions when you enroll in the pre-incubator. Detailed schedule will be published later.

Each team will have their own mentor and have 4-8 mentoring meetings during the programme.

Enroll here for the Startup Experience starting in January 2021.

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TAMK students: Pakki
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Course code is NN00FA94-3003 .


Our second Startup Experience Pre-incubator is starting in the third period, January 2021!

Registration for the third period implementation is now open! Enroll here. Please note that you will enroll as a team and fill the form only once for the whole team.

Team sessions.

13.1., 20.1., 27.1., 3.2., 10.2., 17.2., 24.2., 3.3., 10.3.

from 12-16


Come and develop your team and your business idea to the next level!


Startup Experience Pre-incubator consists of online lessons and assignments, meetings with the mentor and team sessions at the campus.