Startup Experience

Credits: 5 | Identifier: NN00FA94-3001 | Campus: All campuses | Period: 21.10.2019

Startup Experience is a way to explore the entrepreneurship in practice. This can happen by taking an internship/ job practice, project work or through setting an own business. Student:

– understands the phenomena and practice related to entrepreneurship

– can apply lean development tools in setting up a business

– understands importance of critical factors like team competencies, quick explorations

– works with others, leads himself/herself, sees opportunities and develops creativity

– makes decisions when the result of that decision is uncertain or situation is stressful

– develops presentation and selling skills

The student and coach tailor the content based on individual needs. The content may consist of internship in a startup company (in Finland or aboard), collaboration projects or setting up a new company. An option is also to develop already (your own) existing company. Part of the content may be literature review. Also theme related conferences, seminars or lectures may be approved as content for this course. Student will draw a study plan and reports the results in separately agreed manner (goals, outcomes and working hours documented).

Criteria: Approved when student has demonstrated independent and self-conducted work towards her/his own goals. She/he has set the goals, worked persistently towards them and evaluated the outcome bot in quality and quantity. Failed if student has not succeed in planning and producing the self-development process. He/she has not mastered the learning targets in a way that could describe the meaning and progress in self-development.

Language: English and Finnish

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