Summer Challenges 2020

Credits: 6 | Identifier: NN00FD73-3007 | Campus: Keskusta | Hervanta | TAMK/Kauppi | Period: 11.05.2020


Summer Challenges is all about learning and solving problems in real life projects, in multidisciplinary teams. You will develop a set of skills that both yourself and your future employers will value! This course can also be a part of your work practice / intership, read more below. 

This course is a 6 week project starting on 11th of May and ending on 18th of June.

Studying on this course is full time: Monday to Friday @ 9:00 – 15:00

Check below for instructions to registration. The last day to enroll is 10.5.2020.

To whom this course is a perfect match?

For you, looking to develop your future working skills or an experience of conceptualization process. You can also just be curious and want to challenge yourself. The most important thing is that you commit to this course and make sure you have time for all activities (listed below).

Summer Challenges are meant for all students, no matter what you study.

There are two options for taking part

  • join a team working with a project from a partner (coaches form the teams)
  • assemble your own team and work with a challenge you have planned yourself

What will you learn during this course?

You will meet the skills that are required from a team worker by the working life. And of course, will have a perfect opportunity to develop those skills together with fellow students and our coaches.

By joining the summer challenge, you will learn:

  • Problem solving and development skills
  • Active learning skills
  • Interaction skills
  • Successful team working skills
  • Cognitive control skills
  • Self-management skills

The course is planned to prepare our students to face the challenges of working life outside their substance expertise.

Summer courses as work practice / intership

The idea is that these courses can also be used as work practice/ internship. Please discuss with your own teacher to make sure the summer offering is applicable for the purpose.


The course is built like an innovation process in practice. We will work full time on this project, Monday to Friday @ 9:00 – 15:00.

We will start this course working remotely so you will also get experience in digital team work. Depending on the current situation we will either work remotely the whole course or add on site -days if it’s possible.

Week 20 Idea generation
Week 21 Developing a concept
Week 22 Refining
Week 23 Deploymenting
Week 24 Optimizing
Week 25 Launch

Greetings from the coaches

In the beginning students will be divided into teams. The first week of the six-week process will be used to get to know your team, challenge and client. As well as to start your idea generation process. Second week you are expected to form a concept from the ideas generated. Third week you will refine your concept with the team and of course with the sparring and help of your coaches and client. Fourth week is for deploying your idea. Testing it to be sure it is a good idea and that the concept around it is working. After that, the fifth week is for optimizing the concept and starting to practice your presentations for the grand final! Sixth week is the last of this course and will host the epic Grande Finale where you will pitch your concept to the client, coaches and fellow students.

And don’t forget, you will get all the help and sparring that you need so let’s work and learn together!

See you there!

Your coaches,

Minttu & Joni

Registration with the course code (NN00FD73-3007):

The last day to enroll is 10.5.2020.

TAMK students: PAKKI  (link works again – fixed on Tue 5th May!)

TAU students: Open UAS (link coming soon)

The summer 2020 consists of three elements:

(1) Y-kampus Summer Challenges (11.5.-18.6.)

(2) Learning lab project (22.6.-31.7.)

(3) Tampere  Summer school courses (3.-14.8.)

You can join one, two or all of these. Please notice that each course have their own registration!

If you have any questions, contact our coaches!

Y-kampus coaches: and