Sustainability and Impact Club: The challenges

Credits: 3 | Identifier: NN00FG75-3001 | Campus: Keskusta | Kauppi | Period: 05.03.2020

Do you want to show you care?

…and work on challenges to make an impact?



Tampere Universities are offering an opportunity to make sustainable attainable, to show that you care about climate change crisis, to learn about social and impact entrepreneurship, and to solve exciting challenges with an impact on the students community and the society.

During this 2d session, the Club focuses mainly on solving sustainable challenges. It is a great opportunity to meet like-minded students, to learn from impact entrepreneurs, to network and share widely about your passion for impactful solutions through our upcoming platform.

Session 2 (3 cr, March + April) is independent from session 1 so feel free to join! If you’d like to create your team for session 2, join us with friends and choose your challenge! Some teams will be formed by the students from session 1.

Each team needs to have 2 members minimum, possibly from different fields of study. The challenges results and methodologies will be released and will hopefully benefit right away to the community.

The Club’s coordinator is here to help you during the journey.

  • Examples of challenges:
    • How can we reduce plastic consumption in Finland?
    • How can we make organic and local food more affordable?
    • How could we make sustainable phones a trend?

Challenges can be suggested by the students or by the Coordinator.

The Club is funded by the Continuous Learning Project and the Minister of Education and Culture. It is part of Tampere Universities Sustainable Development Agenda.The Club is hosted and coordinated by Eva Wissenz, impact entrepreneur and writer.


We will have challenges sessions on:

  • Monday, 10.00-13.00, Y-Kampus TAMK, Paja C1-23.
  • Tuesday, 10.00-13.00, Y-Kampus Keskusta.
  • Thursday, 10.00-13.00, Y-Kampus TAMK, Paja C1-23.

It’s mandatory to attend a weekly group session. We will see together early March which hours/days can be the most adapted to your schedule.

During this session, we will welcome 5 inspiring impact entrepreneurs for talks / debates every second Friday, 16:00-18:00, Y-Kampus Keskusta. The meetings with guests are mandatory.

The Club events and meetings program is available here: S&I Club – Updated Agenda session 2 (March 4th)

More information: evawissenz[at]

Registration with the course code:

TAMK students: PAKKI

TAU students: Cross-institutional service

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