Sustainable business modelling

Credits: 1 | Identifier: NN00FK99-3001 | Campus: Online | Period: 02.11.2020

Do you want to improve the sustainability of a business model?

This course explores strategies to achieve sustainability within a start-up or business model. Using theoretical models, case-studies and reflection exercises, you will be guided through different parts of the organizational model and learn how to incorporate sustainable-thinking across each part.

At the end of the course you will be able to provide an advice on how a business model can execute more sustainable strategies.

This course is part of a set of pilot micro-modules offered by Y-Kampus in 2020 focused on sustainable entrepreneurship.

Other courses in this set include:

Sustainable entrepreneurship micromodules, picture of a plant and picture of lecturer, Dr. Titus van der Spek

Note: it is not required to join all courses in this series. You can also enroll for just one course.


After the course, you:

  • will understand the key concepts of a sustainable business model strategy
  • have developed a personal toolkit of canvasses and tools to advise on sustainable business modelling
  • will be able to apply sustainable business modeling strategies to an existing case.

The course consists primarily of self-paced online learning. You will be guided through a series of short videos and learning exercises to achieve the learning outcomes. In addition to the online content, you will receive coaching sessions with your coach. During the course you will need to apply learnings to an existing business model or to a startup model.

Assessment criteria 


Approved when you have demonstrated successful work towards the learning outcomes: you understand the main aspects in sustainable business modelling. You can apply learnings to develop an advice for a real case. You have completed the learning assignments, which includes desk and possibly field research.

Failed if you have not succeeded in understanding the phenomena of sustainable business modelling. You have not mastered the learning outcomes in a way that you could provide an advice to incorporate sustainable thinking at different parts of a business or start-up model.


Enrollment for this course is open.

TAMK students: Pakki
TAU students: Cross-institutional service

Course code is: NN00FK99-3001.

Another online execution is coming during 2021-2022!

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This course is delivered by Titus van der Spek. Titus is a lecturer based in the Netherlands at the Hague University of Applied Sciences. He specializes in social entrepreneurship and innovation.  If you have any questions about this course, please contact:

Titus van der Spek,


If you’re still not convinced to join this course, check out this awesome teaser for the micromodules, brought to you by Titus van der Spek, and you will change your mind! See you at Y-kampus!