Credits: 10 | Identifier: NN00FB40-3002 | Campus: City Centre, Hervanta, TAMK/Kauppi | Period: 08.09.2020

Y-Portfolio is a way to bring your practical experience about entrepreneurship and working skills to be part of your curriculum (1-10 ECTS).

The objective is to build entrepreneurial competences in real life setting. You will create a personalized plan on how to gain knowledge and document the results. The plan is reviewed with the coach before starting the assignment. The way how you will document the outcomes is also agreed with the coach.

Relevant examples of such a practical experience are for example developing a business idea or existing business, volunteering to work in an entrepreneurial association or training program related to entrepreneurship or working life skills (e.g. accelerator etc.)


By doing Y-portfolio you

  • learn to understand the phenomena concerning entrepreneurship
  • can develop business and understand the key factors of success in developing business, like team expertise and agile experiments
  • learn to see possibilities and vision the future
  • can apply knowledge systematically and consistently
  • learn to manage yourself and evolve your creativity

The content of this course is tailored individually with you and will be based on your personal learning targets. This is done together with a coach.

Kick off to the program (a group meeting) in every period

  • Familiarising with entrepreneurial competences
  • Introduction to the way how Y-Portfolio works
  • Personalised plan to develop entrepreneurial competences
  • Schedule and execution plan

Building the results presentation

  • The outcome can be presented for example as a blog post, vlog, handbook or presentation

Reflections among the group in every period

  • Dialogue and feedback
SCHEDULE IN 2020-2021

You can join the kick off and the reflection sessions in your own schedule. This means that you can for example start Y-portfolio in the first period and participate in a reflection session in the second period.

Period 1: Kick off 8.9.2020, reflections 6.10.2020
Period 2: Kick off 27.10.2020, reflections 8.12.2020
Period 3: Kick off 12.1.2021, reflections 16.2.2021
Period 4: Kick off 11.3., reflections 22.4.2021


Approved when you have demonstrated independent and self-conducted work towards your own goals. You have set the goals, worked persistently towards them and evaluated the outcome both in quality and quantity.

Failed if you have not succeeded in planning and producing the self-development process. You have not mastered the learning targets in a way that could describe the meaning and progress in self-development.


TAMK students: Pakki
TAU students: Cross-institutional service, opens 5.8.2020.

Course code is NN00FB40-3002.


If you have any questions about Y-portfolio, please contact Maria.

Maria Ruokonen, maria.ruokonen@tuni.fi.

Y-portfolio process steps: 1. Kick start 2. Create plan 3. Go through your plan and start execution 4. Build your learning outcomes 5. Join the reflection session