GISU-competition: five teams to Semi-Final

During the spring we searched for teams who have a new idea, technology, product, business/operation model or a startup that is aiming for sustainable urban development and/or solving social problems. The goal was to join Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition organized by GISU (the Alliance of Guangzhou International Sister-City Universities, including Tampere University). The competitions’ purpose is to promote Sustainable Urban Development with Scientific and Technological Innovation.

Decisions have been made based on applications and here are the six teams representing Tampere Universities in the competition!

Amigos will help students to find meaningful friendships based on interests.

As One
Our goal is to connect locals with immigrants considering the values and needs that are important for both target groups.

Beastmaker is an umbrella company for innovative Business Intelligence services.

Evolving Symbiotic Cities (ESC) specializes in systemic circular economy solutions for urban design throughout and beyond the lifecycle of the urban fabric.

Transforming mental health treatment.

Nuorivuori Design
Building start-up identity for City of Tampere from upcycled containers and waste.

*Update 9.7.2020!
Tampere got an extra seat and now there are six teams representing Tampere Universities!

Next steps

Thank you for all the great teams for participating the In-School Preliminary Competition!
Good luck and success to the online Semi-Final!

The Semi-Final has an international jury and Tampere University will be represented by our Director of Innovation, Taru Pilvi.

The Ultimate Final Competition​ will be held 26-29.10. 2020 in Guangzhou, China.

Awards at the final

~ 13 000 eur​

~ 6 500 eur​

~ 2 500 eur

For more info

In-School Organizer Y-kampus

Maria Ruokonen, (on holiday until 4.8.2020)
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