International GISU-competition: three teams from Tampere to the Final!

Urban Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition organized by GISU (the Alliance of Guangzhou International Sister-City Universities, including Tampere University) has published the teams heading to the final.

In the Semi-Final Tampere Universities was represented by six amazing teams!

The Online Semi-Final Competition Judging Panel has made its decision about the competition finalists and here are the ten teams that will continue to the Final Competition later this year:

• ESC (Tampere University)
• INOBUS (Incheon National University)
• Atrial Fibrillation (Guangzhou Medical University)
• Yachen Culture (Guangzhou University)
• Guangzhou Five or Six Points (Guangzhou University)
• Jingcui Education (Guangzhou University)
• Asquared (Guangzhou University)
• Douhuiwanjia (Guangzhou University)
• As One (Tampere University)
• Medified (Tampere University)

We are more than happy to send three teams from Tampere University community to the finals! Congrats As One, ESC and Medified!

Online Semi-Final Competition Judging Panel included Gio Fornell from Linkoping University, Alexandra Aragao from the University of Coimbra, Choi Juneyoung from Incheon National University, Fabrizio Dughiero from the University of Padova, Taru Pilvi from Tampere University, Lei Zhao from Guangzhou Medical University and Wang Mansi from Guangzhou University.

Details regarding the Final Competition will soon be announced for the finalist teams.

Thank you for all the great teams for participating the Semi-Final, Tampere was well presented!

Good luck and success to The Ultimate Final Competition in October for the three teams!

Awards at the final

~ 13 000 eur​

~ 6 500 eur​

~ 2 500 eur

For more info

In-School Organizer Y-kampus

Maria Ruokonen,
Joni Ramu,

Finalists from Tampere and logos