In Y-tools you can find the best tools and tips for becoming an entrepreneur or making your business better and easier.


Yritystulkki offers regional information for especially Pirkaanmaa area businesses. Download a business plan template and find additional information on making it the best plan ever. Get a free Excel-sheet for financial calculations and information on buying a company. Familiarise yourself with Industries Requiring a License Or Notification.


Ensimetri webpage offers you guides and help becoming an entrepreneur in Finland. You can also find resident permit information and guidance in Start up-grant. Download your own Become an entrepreneur in Finland-guide there.

Light entrepreneurship

In Finland there are many companies that offer a way to operate without a business of your own – legaly! With online invoicing companies such as Eezy and Ukko.fi you can start working like an entrepreneur. Online invoicing companies take care of the bureaucracy for you (VAT, pension payments, statutory insurances, social security payments) with just a small service fee.

Impact Canvas® -tool

Y-kampus tool, Impact Canvas®, is aimed to enhance early idea testing and development with the focus on the impact on the society and/or the customer need.