Readings in Strategy

Opintopisteet: 5 | Tunnus: KATSTA14 | Kampus: Keskusta | Toteutusajankohta: alkaen 21.10.2019

Corporations renewing themselves; agile methods in business development; the long tail concept; the platform economy; challenges facing traditional successful business concepts, processes, products, and services.

Learning outcomes

The student is familiarised with a broad knowledge of the concepts and theoretical ideas related to modern business strategy. The student identifies how business strategies and startup concepts are intertwined, as well as understands the various challenges and possibilities related to platform economies and traditional industry structures. The student can also identify, understand and analyse business disruptions and novel business practices. The student can evaluate and utilise research-based knowledge in personal capability development. The student is able to comprehend broad subject areas independently.

Learning material

The course comprises of individually studying and reading three of the four assigned books and then taking an exam.

Denning, S. (2018 or newer). The age of Agile: How smart companies are changing the way work gets done. New York: Amacom.

Shaugnessy, H. (2015 or newer). Shift: A leader’s guide to the platform economy. London: The Disruption House.

Parker, G. G., Van Alstyne, M., Choudary, S. P., & Foster, J. (2016 or newer). Platform revolution: How networked markets are transforming the economy and how to make them work for you. New York: WW Norton.

Anderson, C. (2006 or newer). The Long Tail: Why the future of business is selling less of more. New York: Hyperion.


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