Readings in Entrepreneurship

Opintopisteet: 5 | Tunnus: KATSTA16 | Kampus: Keskusta | Toteutusajankohta: alkaen 21.10.2019

The most common startup development tools and concepts; customer identification and development as evolutionary processes; lean startup thinking; pivoting processes; work life in startup teams and in startup communities.

Learning outcomes

The student comprehends various concepts, questions, and theoretical ideas related to modern startups. The student understands how new business development and its successful scaling are intertwined with both customer identification and customer creation processes. In addition, the student understands how resource scarcity affects the ways startup teams work, achieve their objectives and execute development processes. The student is able to comprehend broad subject areas independently.

Learning material

The course comprises of individually studying and reading three of the four assigned books and then taking an exam.

Hoffman, R. & Yeh, C. (2018 or newer). Blitzscaling: The lightning-fast path to building massively valuable companies. New York: Currency.

Bussgang, J. (2017 or newer). Entering StartUpLand: An essential guide to finding the right job. Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business Review Press.

Blank, S. (2013 or newer). The four steps to the Epiphany. 5th ed. Quad/Graphics.

Furr, N. R. & Dyer, J. (2014 or newer). The Innovator’s Method: Bringing the lean start-up into your organisation. Boston, Massachusetts: Harvard Business Review Press.


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