Y-break: Founder Stories

Klo: 16.00 - 19.00
Paikka: Tietotalo TB103, Hervanta

Founder graduates of Tampere University (TAMK-TAU) would tell their inspiring stories of becoming entrepreneurs and learnings from the journey so far they had with all its challenges and struggles.

Even if founding business is not yet your thing, we invite you to listen to insider insights from top-tier entrepreneurs who are fellow alumnis.

After their speeches, we will have a dinner with them at Tacohouse. Only first 45 gets to join us there! So be FAST to SIGN UP on Eventbrite! Grabbing some Taco House delicacies and discuss business with founders and others, what’s better? It’s all about those connections baby!

Speakers are top-tier entrepreneurs. Don’t miss the chance!
Samu Hällfors – CEO and co-founder of Framery Acoustics
Timo-Pekka Leinonen – CEO and founder of Worddive
Mikko Kaipainen – CSO and co-founder of Yousician

WHAT? Y-break: Founder Stories
WHERE? Hervanta, Tietotalo
WHEN? 13.3.2018
COST? Free!