Because of the unfortunate pandemic situation, the students have spent most of their working days inside during the Summer Challenges 2020 course. Therefore, we as hospitality management students, decided to have a working day outside - to show the alternatives for remote working indoors and using our knowledge as a part of creating the experience. Moving the workstation outside isn't only a matter of health, but it also helps in separating working and spare time environments from each other.

We still remember the time when we were at TAMK, living the student life as usual and eating our regular lunch salads that we would actually never imagine to be missing. Having our colleagues and team members next to us meant that communication and being in the present moment was much easier: when, for example, either of us was having a bad day, the other one could react to that and consider that in the way of working. You simply cannot sense your friends’ feelings through online interaction. Being in a communication & social media group in Summer Challenges 2020 course, we’re trying to find ways to make our days more comfortable in terms of interaction.


Now when the others are not in the same room with us, the focus should in fact, be directed mainly in ourselves. You are the most important person of your life: remember your worth and cherish that. How to recognize and analyze your feelings and express them to others openly, is beyond important during these times, and certainly not so easy.

Besides the hardship of fluent communication, we have also noticed that being responsible of your daily rhythm, especially maintaining an eating schedule is a challenge to consider. As student health being one of the most significant themes around this Y-Kampus’ course, we have the mission of advancing the value of wellbeing. Therefore, we decided to have a working day outside – to show the alternatives for staying inside most of the day. There has been a realization from our side that spending time outside releases your mind and decreases anxiety. What’s best, the quality of sleep seems to become remarkably better.

Here is our recipe for a wonderful working day outside. Letting yourself enjoy life a little after such a long time behind closed doors, is one step closer in fulfilling precious self-hospitality that we are passionately promoting.


If you think you would prefer a more peaceful environment to work in, consider any green spaces or parks nearby. If you already know you are going to spend the whole day away from home, it would be wise to eat a good breakfast before heading out and packing a lot of healthy snacks to keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. Especially one of us has noticed that tiredness and grumpiness could be results from not eating regularly enough (think of yourself and apply our advice). For the buzz-loving people, cafes might be a better idea. Why not to invite all your team members as well! We noticed that spending time together is quite fruitful in terms of creativity because you can pick up much more ideas from each other’s presence.


Our recommendation is to eat foods that you like – in a mindful way. This means enjoying your superfood smoothie and meaty monster burger with a similar pleasure. In hospitality management studies, we have understood the heavenly union between the nutritional value and the enjoyable taste in food. Also, eating can be seen, as an experience greatly affecting your mood. With different colours and tastes, you can create some delight into your days. Now, we will explain you how.

Make it appealing and cheerful! Different textures and bright colours give the impression of freshness. Based on the research, colours can have a positive impact on the wellbeing of your body and mind; this is based on the rich nutritional value of different colour foods. Of course, we also wanted our lunch to match our cravings – that day was very warm, so having juicy vegetables and other cooling elements seemed like a good idea.

Foods rich in minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and slow carbs keep you nourished and your energy levels stable! We know it’s nice to treat yourself with heavy sweet or salty foods, but for the motivation and staying active during the more productive part of the day, they are not the best. Maybe you could save the heavier cravings for the dinner time (we also did that and rewarded ourselves with cold pints and a shared pizza).

We would like to share our favourite food from our day – the zucchini rolls. They are very easy to make and to grab outside with you. It’s best to eat the zucchini rolls fresh, not letting them stay under the sun for too long. If it’s cold and rainy, prepare yourself some comforting hot black tea and convenient meat pasties, and dream about the more colourful days.  The most important thing to remember is to take care of your health holistically and enjoy even the smallest of moments that bring you happiness.


Text: Elina Hautamäki & Laura Palosaari; Hospitality Management students & Y-kampus Summer Challenges 2020 interns