Humans of Y-kampus: Alexander

Alexander took part in Y-kampus Business Development-course during fall break, October 2016. Here are his thoughts about entrepreneurship and worklife.



“I’ve been thinking about entrepreneurship only for a year now. I wish I had thought about it earlier in my life. The thing is that I don’t want to work as an employee in a big company and being told what to do. Being an entrepreneur gives you a possibility to do things differently. Do something important. Since we are small kids, the school system and society teaches us how to be good employees. Everyone was telling me to get a safe and secure job, so that’s what I was doing.

Some time ago I started to focus on investing for a retirement plan. Then it hit me: besides let your money work for you, it can also be about people working for you. It’s not laziness, I don’t want to exploit people. I think that if I have a good idea, also others can join me. Being a fair person is about doing something good for the world.”