Humans of Y-kampus: Anna

Anna is a Finn, who is an exchange student in Finland at the moment. Read her Finnish-German-Dutch-horse loving-story here.


Anna tells about studying and entrepreneurship:

“I’m a Finn but I’ve been living in Germany for the past 5 years. I study in Holland because I live just next to the Dutch border. Originally I left Finland to train horseracing in Germany for studying. This autumn I’m doing my exchange in Finland and now I’m thinking about maybe moving back here.

I got interested in Business Development course because of the 5 days intense learning. At the university I sometimes have trouble concentrating during the lectures if they aren’t dynamic enough. I need real deadlines to work well, when it really counts I’m able to perform well in stressful situations.Working with my team these past days I noticed the lower intensity some days, but today that we are preparing the final presentation we are working on a much better level.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial family and being an entrepreneur has always been my dream. Entrepreneurial person in my point of view is someone who has an inner flame for doing something, being hardworking, believing in oneself and being relentless especially during hard times. I’m independent and I like to create my own thing, but I also like to connect with people and feel supported. I used to think that I’d create business around horses, but during the last year I’ve started to think on other fields too.”