Humans of Y-kampus: Edgar

Edgar from Spain reflects about his time in Finland and making a business development case for Goodio Chocolate.


Edgar reflecting about his time in Finland. “I like this course (Business Development) because here you learn from everyone in your team and the knowledge they have. Maybe you don’t even agree with their opinions, but it doesn’t matter. The point is that everyone is involved and forming part of the learning process, sharing what they know for their studies, work experience and life in general. For me doing exercises in a class is helpful, but I always wonder whether I will apply that knowledge in real life.

Here with the company case we have from Goodio working with the business canvas model, I’m learning how a real company is structured and understand the connections between different departments such as marketing, suppliers and channels. I have some ideas about what I’d like to do after graduation, but you never know.

I want to find my place by trying out, the only thing I know is that I’d like to work in a company where I can give the best of me and learn the most. The time as an exchange student in Finland has made me open up, mature and be more independent. Now thinking about my future I can see myself working abroad if one day I will be offered to do that. Only here I realized how protected I used to be by my family and friends back home.”