Humans of Y-kampus: Elina and Anna

Elina and Anna are both nursing lecturers that engage students and share a coaching philosophy.

Two nursing lecturers from TAMK share new ways of teaching and engaging their students that they found useful. Inspired by coaching philosophy, they created new classroom dynamics for their students and applied it this autumn. Elina talks about her experience:

“I did the Y-kampus training program for coaches a few years back. Learning to utilize coaching methods in my work as a teacher really changed me. This attitude of teaching gave me the freedom to teach in the way I feel the most comfortable. We have the what in the curriculum, the key is how we get there.”

And Anna joins the conversation:

“As coaching teachers we give the stage to the students. We are not in the spotlight, but the students are and we accompany them. Even if we are teachers, we are learning something new all the time. The attitude of the students change when you change the setting: They take more responsibility of themselves and each other. They become more independent. The students feel they are the owners of their own learning process -that is the core of everything!”