Humans of Y-kampus: Heli

Nex we give you Heli, physiotherapy student and Innoevent 2016 winner.

heliHeli who is a physiotherapist student, participated in InnoEvent Tampere and to her surprise her team won the competition for the best solution. InnoEvent was held in Y-kampus for the 4th time in November 2016 with 500 students participating.

“It was the first time for me in InnoEvent. As InnoEvent formed part of our course, we got study credits for working during the whole week in a team to solve a businesscase. We were seven students from different study fields in my team and none of us knew the others before. The first day was just to get to know each other and finding a way to work as a team. It got better every day and we ended up having lots of fun working together.

It was important to have a nursing student in the team because the case was from Tampere University Hospital and so she had important experience from the field. The engineering student in our team had other kind of knowledge which was also valuable for the team, to create more realistic solutions. We worked hard and kept on developing the solution during a few days. The coaches pushed us to develop the ideas further and not to stop in the first solutions we came up with. Winning the competition surprised all of us!”