Humans of Y-kampus: Henri

Henri founded the first and only board game cafe in Finland. Read the whole story.

Henri is a student and an entrepreneur for Lautapelikahvila Taverna. Read about his path starting up a café:

Less than a year ago I defined the first three steps that had to be taken, which were finding the place and the business partners and taking a course in finance here at Y-kampus. First I found the place, then the partners. Once these two things were in place, we started to build up the company and the whole thing became more real. It was an important moment to take the decision to really start up the company. We are the first and only Board Game Café in Finland. There is a café with a similar concept in Denmark. Everything is designed so that the playing is enjoyable, like the lightning, music and atmosphere. We have 300 boardgames. Its not an easy concept when it comes to making it profitable. Right now we are developing the business with lots of love and effort, but we want to build a sustainable businessmodel for the future. Once this definition is done and our café is running well, we can multiply it. We wouldn’t be so far if we didn’t have all the help from the people around us. For example my uncle helped with the menu and a fellow student helped with the interior decoration. Through this experience I’ve seen the power of the people around us. Only the accountant is not from our personal networks.”

Photo: Kahvila Taverna