Humans of Y-kampus: Petri

Petri is a lecturer in Mechanical and Production Engineering at TAMK and he shares his thoughts about coaching.

This week we get to know Petri, lecturer in Mechanical and Production Engineering at TAMK:

“I used to share the traditional way of teaching where students were sitting passively and listen to what the teacher had to say. Learning coaching methods in Y-kampus training made me remember the things I liked as a student: project based learning. My goal as a coach is to help my students to believe in themselves. Many of them need someone just to believe in them and tell that they can do it. I’m teaching in the field of engineering and we still have lot of traditional ways of working, but also lot of willingness to learn and change. For example in our Industrial Engineering Unit’s common project studies  we are coaching close to  300 students of 3rd year in teams during one semester. Target is to create a place and opportunity for the students to work and learn in teams and for teachers to learn coaching. This is a very interesting initiative in our unit and all the teachers want to be part of it.”

He opens more about the transformation in his profession:

Teacher’s work is going through big changes. Teamwork is now trendy and coaching answers well to this trend. But the change is never easy. As a coach you need to let go of control. Your shelves are full of teaching material that has become useless. This is hard to accept as you have worked hard to create this material. Now the teacher is not responsible anymore for providing all the knowledge, instead we have to encourage the students to find it themselves. Changing the mindset can be difficult and being an expert in your field, you want to provide the students with the right answers. In the future the students will be making more effort for their own learing and taking the responsibility for that. The learning is more efficient when the students look for the knowledge themselves and realize things on their own. The change of mindset is not easy on the students either, it means more responsibility and a change of habits. Suddenly there is no one controlling them and giving the right answers.”