Humans of Y-kampus: Riia

Riia has been one of the student representatives of Y-kampus in 2016. She tells you what made her apply and take part in building new Y-kampus.

Riia has been a student representative of Y-kampus in TAMK for the last year.

“I applied for Y-kampus because I’m interested in event planning and marketing. I was very enthusiastic about this duty but also a bit confused at first. It was new to me that there was no specific job description and I was free to plan events as I wanted. I had the freedom to be creative. It’s not very usual for a first year #student to get a responsibility like that.

For me, Y-kampus has offered a large network of companies and people from all over the working life. When I moved to Tampere in fall 2015, I only knew few people here. Now I have also lots of connections from students in each Tampere’s universities.

I hope that even more students learn to understand what Y-kampus is really about. And that’s one thing us student representatives are aiming for. You don’t have to have a business idea when you come here. We offer lots of courses and events that are useful for everyone in the future working life.”