Humans of Y-kampus: Santeri

Santeri first got involved in Y-kampus because he likes to develop himself and open up doors for the future.


Next, read about what Santeri, a student representative of Y-kampus in Tampere University, thinks about y-kampus and its possibilites:

“I got involved in Y-kampus because I see it as a good way to develop myself and open up doors for the future. Because of working here I get the chance to go to big events and it’s a great way to get connected to people from The Technical University and The University of Applied Sciences. Im having fun here and I feel belonging. Something always happens in our office, you never know who will walk in the door.

Y-kampus enables interdisciplinary connections in the university both among students and staff. Normally everything happens inside of the student associations. In Y-kampus there’s the place for trials, everything doesn’t have to work out perfectly. At the moment the majority of the students here (in Tampere University) don’t yet see the value of Y-kampus, but there are a few forerunners who come around to share their ideas. Its great to notice that there are people around with whom we connect when envisioning things for the future.

Having this open space gives the university a place where all the work done, for example in the field of research, can be seen and connected among different kinds of people. An idea of a student can be extremely valuable when it gets exposed in an interdisciplinary space as we have here.”