Humans of Y-kampus: Topias

Time to meet co-founder of Newspek, Topias

Humans of Y-kampus

Topias n is a co-founder of Newspek – a recently founded platform-based startup company. In March Newspek and Y-kampus organized a workshop together and we decided to ask Topias a couple of questions about entrepreneurship and education.


”We brought Newspek to Y-kampus because our team wanted to break social bubbles and get new visions about future social media and journalism.

I have studied economics and responsible business in the University of Tampere and always appreciated education. From my point of view the last ten years have changed the way finnish people see entrepreneurship. It is a more appealing way to work than earlier and that is one reason why we should invest more in entrepreneurship education too.

Future working life is a mix of leading yourself and being a member of different kind of teams and projects. That is also a big part of the entrepreneurial way of working which is suitable for me – as an entrepreneur you can decide your own timetables.

For me entrepreneurship is a passion and a possibility. I strongly believe in Newspeks´ idea and possibilities in the future. We want to work as ethically as possible and make the future of journalism more transparent than it is nowadays.”