Humans of Y-kampus: Veera

Meet Veera. She is a third year student of Social Psychology at UTA and a Network Facilitator at Y-kampus.

Veera is a third year student of Social Psychology at UTA. She’s also a Network Facilitator at Y-kampus. We asked her a couple of questions.

”When I got to know what Y-kampus does, I was instantly interested. From my point of view it offered a way for me to develop my competence, use what I’ve learnt in practice, and meet new people from all across the university.”

”I know a lot of entrepreneurs, so entrepreneurship has always seemed a natural thing to me. In the past couple of years the idea of entrepreneurship has become even more appealing, after all I’ve worked in an entrepreneurial way as a freelancer. I view entrepreneurship as an opportunity to do things that you are passionate about and want to develop further. It’s about possibilities, freedom and responsibility.”

”When I was little, my parents taught me to pursue things that I find interesting. In the university I have realized that learning is a life-long process, something that is never finished. If I had kids, I would teach them to focus on what they learn, not on their grades.”

”I feel that I learn best in an environment where my thinking is challenged, where I’m given new points of view, where I have a chance to push my limits. And most of all an environment where it’s possible to try and fail, and learn from it.”