Meet Y-kampus: Marika Vuorenmaa

I look up to people who build the company on their personality and passion. By doing that they share so much of themselves with the rest of us.

Every once in a while we like to highlight a member of our AWESOME Y-kampus team so you can get to know us a little bit better.

This week, meet our fearless team leader Marika Vuorenmaa!

What do you want us to know about you?

I have made several career moves and survived! I mean, the topic changed drastically and I had to learn to swim all over again – I jumped from working at a technology company to becoming an entrepreneur to run my own flower shop!

What do you love the most about Y-kampus?

The ‘let’s do it’ –attitude. We find new opportunities all the time and even if we have not done anything like it before, we’ll learn and get things done. These are often the unique events and courses we organize, such as the national competition to find the best start-up company, Y-Foorumi that connects entrepreneurs with researchers, and leading edge courses like C-Lab that always deal with the hottest topics and involve real-life experts.

What do you do here?


Why did you choose to work in entrepreneurship?

I work in entrepreneurship because I believe in the power of taking the initiative and being self-driven. These are the superpowers that help us to cope with the ever-changing environment. Also, entrepreneurship represents one form of creativity to me: you can design your own way of working including the services, products, communication, and all of that.

What are your superpowers?

I’d like it to be emotional intelligence! I recognize the importance of emotions when working in a team and getting our jobs done. I’d like us to feel inspired and bloom at work.

If you could work with any company in the world, where would you work and what would you want to learn from that experience?

At the moment it would be the Swedish company Oatly. I admire their way to talk to customers. They have managed to keep the good humor in their messages, their products tastes good, look good and do good – also for the environment.  I’d like to learn that “doing good” part in their strategy.

If you had unlimited funding and could start any business, organization or movement, what would it be and why?

The movement to kick off  would be for elementary school kids to learn to recognize one’s self-esteem. I believe good life can be built on good self-esteem and own values. I think learning to know oneself should be intentional and started early in childhood.

What entrepreneurs and leaders do you look up to?

People who build the company on their personality and passion. By doing that they share so much of themselves with the rest of us.  Some people who do this are Sini Havukainen, Layette Oy, Saana Tyni, Koti Puhtaaksi Oy.

What 3 books do you recommend for future entrepreneurs and leaders? Any podcasts or YouTube channels?

Thomas Erikson: Surrounded by idiots, Alf Rehn: Innovation for the Fatigued, Kai Alhainen: Dialogi demokratiassa.

Podcast@Yle Areena: Jari Sarasvuo.

What is your dream for the students who come to Y-kampus?

That they will learn new things about themselves and understand the power of taking the initiative.