C-LAB – spring 2020

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C-Lab is for you!
C-Lab is an 8-week sprint in which you will learn how to get a product or service ready to launch.


You and your diverse team will partner with a local startup, research team, or social organization to  develop a real, implementable commercialization plan.

If you don’t know what the word commercialization means or it sounds scary or corporate, worry not! Commercialization is simply the process of bringing new products or services to market.

And C-Lab is an opportunity to do exactly that!

Partner with These Cool Startups/Research Teams:

Partner with one of these awesome startups or research teams to create a plan to bring their products or services to their market!
  • 3D printing of ceramic materials is an enabling technique that can be used e.g. in foundry industry. But what sustainable, ethical and even disruptive business opportunities there might be e.g. in industries such as design, jewellery, architecture, security, renewable energy…? Join this case if you have an urge to look for not only commercial opportunities but also societal impact and plan how to go to market with this cool technique! This case is for you if you are into business, marketing, UX/UI, medicine, biotech, design, ethical business, sustainability, renewable energy, softwares, OR 3D printing techniques.
  • Himmeli project In the future not only cars are self-driving. Heavy machines used in industry, such as forklifts that handle and transport materials in factories or warehouses, will be also autonomous. “Himmeli” is a Business Finland funded project in Tampere University that investigates commercialization of technologies needed in such machines. Solutions involve products for advance navigation, machine vision and control systems. The business landscapes in potential customer industries are complex, involving multiple different value chains and business logic. Partner with Himmeli project to extend the market understanding and analysis for business models that create promising paths to market entry!
  • Lead a successful business with a new agile data-driven approach – In your opinion, is it possible to modify Disciplined Agile Delivery and DevOps to any environment? Please justify your answer. Which agile methods you will use in your work and personal life in the future? You are ambitious to solve global problems as high failure rates cost many firms several million dollars a year. You have an agile mindset and aim to work in leadership, knowledge management, human resources, information technology, marketing, sales or finance, and interest in human behavior. Partner with this startup, if this description matches your passion. Let’s productize services and create a user-friendly go-to-market plan together. 
  • Medified is transforming depression treatment with their new treatment monitoring software. Now it’s YOUR chance to partner with this dynamic startup to create a service design approach to solve this treatment monitoring software’s role in healthcare. Come to develop a process and business logic on how to use digital mental health software as part of the treatment and to investigate and clarify the value for patients, healthcare professionals and care providers. You are a match if you are into business, marketing, finance, psychology, service design, UX, public administration, healthcare, tech, knowledge management OR computer science. https://www.medified.fi/ 
  • QualityDesk is a quality assurance and coaching software that enables contact centers to create the best possible customer experience for their customers. This startup, founded in 2017, already works with several organisations, such as LähiTapiola, Elenia, Saarinoinen, Oral and Posti. In order to grow and help their customers even more in leadership practices, they need YOUR insights in productizing and commercializing a service around their cool software. To improve organisations’ leadership practices, what kind of services are needed, how to productize them and how to bring those to market? Partner with QualityDesk to find out! https://www.qualitydesk.com/en/, https://app.seidat.com/presentation/shared/zSbCpaPnYqhPzcL3E/0/0 

Who can apply?

Any student. Any area of study. Any year.

If you are interested in learning + doing commercialization and you are driven to succeed, we want you to apply!

Commit to This Schedule:

Seriously. This is a very short but intensive course.
If we accept you, we expect you to participate.

Week 1. Kick off Monday 9 March at 12-15
Week 2. session Monday 16 March at 12-15
Week 3. session Monday 23 March at 12-15
Week 4. session Monday 30 March at 12-15
Week 5. session Monday 6 April at 12-15
Week 6. session Monday 20 April at 12-15
Week 7. session Monday 27 April at 12-15
Week 8. Final Presentation Day Monday 18 May at 12-15

In C-Lab, you will work as part of a multidisciplinary team and in addition to Monday sessions, you’ll have weekly team meetings with your team and partner. The whole workload will be around 10-15 hours/week that equals 5 ECTS.

Language: English

Location: Y-kampus TAMK, Backstage, (Teiskontie 33, building C1) except the Final Presentation Day 18 May at Crazy Town Tampere (Rautatienkatu 21 B, 5th floor)

Application period conitues until 1.3.2020! Send you application via this link: https://www.lyyti.fi/reg/C-Lab

You will receive news of your acceptance to the course by 2 March.

Please NOTE: After you are accepted to the course, you will receive instructions to officially register in the university system.


Questions? Comments? Feedback? Contact Maria at maria.ruokonen@tuni.fi