Sustainability and Impact Club: Let’s have an impact!

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Do you want to show you care?

…and learn about impact entrepreneurship?



Tampere Universities are offering an opportunity to make sustainable attainable, to show that you care about climate change crisis, to learn about social and impact entrepreneurship, and to solve exciting challenges with an impact on society.

The Club is offering lectures, debates, climate change crisis de-stress chats, workshops and
specific challenges to be solved by student teams with support of local companies. Each team will have 2 members minimum, possible all from different fields of study. The challenges results and methodologies will be released and will benefit right away to the society.


In winter (2 cr, January + February) your tasks are to attend the Club activities (lectures, debates), report about them, and prepare well your challenge for the Spring marathon.

In Spring (3 cr, March + April), you will focus on solving your challenge with your team and the help of the Coordinator.


You can bring your own sustainable challenge or pick one suggested by the Coordinator.

  • Examples of challenges:
    • How can we reduce our plastic consumption in Finnish context?
    • How can we reduce the amount of food waste at the canteen?
    • How can we make organic and local food more affordable?
    • How could we get more sustainable phones?
  • Challenges can be suggested by students or by the Coordinator.


You can enroll for the 2 courses separately but it’s warmly recommended to enroll to both in order to boost your efficiency in learning how to make a change.

The Club is funded by the Continuous Learning department and the Minister of Education and Culture. It is part of Tampere Universities Sustainable Development Agenda. The Club is hosted and coordinated by Eva Wissenz, impact entrepreneur and writer.



  • January-February 2020 (2 cr) are dedicated to attending the Club activities and careful preparation of the challenges (pre-readings, discussions).
  • March and April 2020 (3 cr) we focus on solving the challenges, blog about the process on Y-Kampus website and create a methodology to invite users to adopt the suggested solutions you’ll find.


Calendar: The Coordinator is welcoming you every

  • Monday and Thursday, at 10.00-13.00 to Y-Kampus/TAMK and
  • every Tuesday, at 9.00-12.00 to Y-Kampus/Keskusta.

The Club events, lectures and debates program is available here.


Ambassadors: Dora Tkalec, Meredith Chuzel and Alexandra Santos are engaged in a sustainable journey. They find inspiration and motivation with the Club’s activities and they are promoting it.


Mor information: evawissenz[at]

Registration with the course code:

TAMK students: PAKKI

TAU students: Cross-institutional service

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