Yrittäjyysmentorointi 2020

Opintopisteet: 2 | Tunnus: NN00CZ98-3004 | Kampus: Kauppi, Hervanta, Keskusta | Toteutusajankohta: alkaen 03.02.2020

Are you ready to share your knowledge and help a new entrepreneur to grow?

This mentorship program is a new way to build and improve your business coaching skills with an experienced business mentor from Pirkanmaan Yrityskummit ry.

Together you will be helping a new business to bloom: getting the first customers, setting up digital marketing channels or defining the product offering.  All based on the needs of the fresh entrepreneur and your insights.


To earn the credits, you need to be an active member of the mentoring team, concretely work with the entrepreneur and write a learning diary to be shared among your colleagues at the course. In addition to mentoring tasks, each junior mentor has a chance to write a development report and apply for financial reward of 200€.

This program is organized together with City of Tampere/ Työllisyyspalvelut.


More info: ramona.bilmez@tampere.fi or marika.vuorenmaa@tuni.fi

The following companies are now looking for junior mentors to help them succeed:

  • Case No1: Aiso.
    Company’s goals during mentoring program: Defining service products and a brand for the company.
    Line of studies: Marketing and/or business studies. Priority on branding.


  • Case No2: K.O.Virtanen
    The main aim is to analyse and update company business plan and through it e.g. find out new profitable business opportunities and customer segments which
    end up to increase in sales. When the customer segments with profitable business opportunities are defined, marketing plan is made to these segments. Also the overall marketing calendar of the year is updated.
    Line of studies: Marketing, event production, tourism industry


  • Case No3: Seepia Agency.
    Company’s goals during mentoring program: Structure Seepia’s services.
    Create a serie of inspiring interviews.
    Line of studies: Communnications, film studies.


  • Case No4: SYSE
    Company’s goals during mentoring program: Increasing the amount of sold training
    days for the year 2020: • By having less empty seats on open courses • By having more onsite courses
    Line of studies: Most likely a person studying sales & marketing would be suitable for this assignment. However, also students from other domains could have suitable knowledge and experience about these subjects.


  • Case No5: Tavus.
    Company’s goals during mentoring program: We aim to provide software services to Finnish SMEs in collaboration with our back-offices in India and Japan. Through the mentoring program we aim to close a reference order.
    Line of studies: two students (1) Marketing and sales, (2) Software engineering or programming


  • Case No6: Setting up a new bar or cafe as part of theatre & training centre
    Looking for someone to help us on the logistics of opening a bar/ cafe!
    Skills needed: business model creation, strategy ideation, legal topics related to bar, distribution.


  • Case No7: Setting up a restaurant.
    Company’s goals during mentoring program: Plan the business model, understand the market better.
    Looking for skills in Business, marketing


  • Case No8: Aino International Academy.
    Company’s goals during mentoring program: The goals is making the website, company intro ppt and story of the founder.
    Possibly the scripts of one cartoon.
    Looking for skills in media, animation design


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TAMK students: PAKKI

TAU students: Cross-institutional service

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