Grow-Vember: Growth Hacking Event Series

5.11. - 26.11.2018
Klo: 16:30 - 18:30
Paikka: TRIBE Tampere (Pinninkatu 47, 33100 Tampere)

Growth hacking is a key phrase in today’s world and a critical skill needed by many businesses. But what is it? Can you become a Growth Hacker? Can your business benefit from Growth Hacking? How can Growth Hacking help you…well, Grow? And we’re not talking empty followers and likes, but meaningful growth that will give you meaningful results!

This event is open to students, startups, research teams, and business people.

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Join us at 16:30 every Monday in November to learn How to Growth Hack from Finland’s experts. The events will include both power talks and workshops – you won’t leave the same way you arrived!


November 5: Anssi Rantanen, Growth Tribe

Topic: Introduction to Growth Hacking and a Mini Growth Sprint! Define the OMTM for a company, generate ideas, and rank the ideas.

November 12: Antton Ikola, Columbia Road

November 19: To Be Revealed

Topic: Using Data and Measurement to Grow

November 26: Henna Niiranen, CMO at Integrata

Topic: Content Marketing for Meaningful Growth

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Please register to take part in this event. Because the series builds with each session, we ask that you commit to participating every Monday.

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