Impact Coaching

22.5. - 11.9.2018
Klo: 9:30 - 12:30
Paikka: Tampere3 (tbc/workshop)

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Impact coaching to SPARK Finland teams (spring 2018).

The aim of the coaching is to

  • Learn the basics on how to think about impact on the society
  • Enhance early idea testing and development
  • Define the big picture with Impact Canvas tool

To whom?

  • Coaching is targeted especially to research teams with a project idea and a need to describe the impact for the society.
  • Impact Coaching will offer you a valuable help to compress the strengths and opportunities of your idea – and to define the best possible funding element for your case.

How and when?

  1. Vision: Tuesday 22.5.2018, 9:30-12:30 @TUT
  2. Customer & Solution: Friday 15.6.2018, 9-12 @Tampere3
  3. Competition: Thursday 16.8.2018, 9-12 @Tampere3
  4. Team: Tuesday 28.8.2018, 9-12 @Tampere3
  5. Roadmap – Resourcers and Activities: Tuesday 11.9.2018, 9-12 @Tampere3

What do you need to participate?

  • You have a project / research idea, a possible business idea or an invention that inspires you.
  • You are ready to invest your time for developing your idea and to be able to attend nearly all the workshops.
  • If you already have a team, it is highly recommendable that at least two people from your team will attend the coaching.

Apply now!

Send an e-mail to: leena.koppa (at)

There is place for 15 teams/ideas in the coaching workshops. Language of the coaching is English.

Note: application deadline is 15.5.2018.

More information:

Leena Köppä, leena.koppa (at)