Age of Innovation: Digital Story telling

Klo: 9.00 - 11.00
Paikka: Y-kampus Kauppi (Pajatila), Teiskontie 33 C 1, C-siipi 1. kerros

How to make an impact on potential clients, financiers or partners by digital story telling?

Training about creating stories to support  marketing and communication. It is open for researchers, personnel and also master´s students of all Tampere3 universities, who are interested in utilizing and commercializing research results and innovations.

Educator: Development Manager/ R&D and Innovation Kimmo Vänni, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Language: English

Enrol for the module by Fri 20 October 2017 at riitta.kivimaki(at)

The main goal of the Age of Innovation is to develop the participants´capacity to utilize and commercialize research results and innovations.  Age of Innovation is part of the Tampere3 Innovation Scout Project funded By Tekes.