New business from research funding (Tekes TUTL) info at UTA

Klo: 9.30 - 11.00
Paikka: University of Tampere

Are you a researcher or part of a research group and want to bring your idea further by bringing it to markets? Want to make a business? TEKES New business from research ideas –funding (TUTL Tutkimuksesta uutta liiketoimintaa) is intended for research groups and researchers, who want to build a new business based on their research and realise their idea by commercialising it.

Y-kampus supports the application process: welcome to listen to core things related to the funding and what kind of services and workshops are available during the process. Service director Janne Viemerö will be present as TEKES representative.

The autumn TUTL funding application period II/2017 is 1.6.-14.9.

Welcome to the kick-start info on Wed 24.5.

  • 9.30-11 UTA, Y-kampus – more info: Jorma Helin, jorma.helin(a)
  • 12-13.30 Kauppi, Arvo F215 – more info: Juho Väisänen, juho.vaisanen(a)
  • 14-15.30 TUT, Y-kampus, KA136 – more info Pasi Vakaslahti, pasi.vakaslahti(a)


  • Basics about TUTL and what can be funded
  • Essentials for good TUTL application
  • Preparing TUTL application and phases for TUTL -process
  • What TUTL means for a researcher, your unit and the university?
  • Experiences about earlier rounds (applicants view)
  • What happens after TUTL – the project life cycle