Stress and Wellbeing – Finding a Balance in Life

Klo: 12 - 14
Paikka: Y-kampus Kauppi

Start your November with self-leadership and wellbeing skills!

Our guest Jorge F. S. Gomes from Portugal gives two speeches on November 1-2 at Y-kampus!

The events are open for everyone interested in self-development and the event language is English.

Wed 1st Nov. at 10-12, Y-kampus City Center (University of Tampere main building)

Self-Leadership – Guiding yourself, to guide others

What is self-leadership? How can it be used to stimulate your own development and development in others? Is self-leadership possible to teach/learn? Is it related to success throughout life? These are some of the questions raised by a relatively new area in Psychology, known as self-leadership, and which will be covered in the current presentation. The talk will address the concept of leadership and self-leadership, what are its basic constituencies, and what is known with regards to how it influences behaviour in the individual. Moreover, the presentation will also look at how it impacts success, being it at work or at personal lives.

Thu 2nd Nov. at 12-14, Y-kampus Kauppi (Tampere University of Applied Sciences)

Stress and Wellbeing – Finding a balance in life

Stress is said to be one of the most prevalent and widespread problems in modern societies. Child start feeling pressures from school and families early in life, and even retired people feel the burden of sustaining their standards of living. This view of stress, however, does not say it all about how stress in human beings. Stress is also a strong survival and evolutionary mechanism, hence the key thought is how to manage stress, and to make sure that one lives life with the minimum level of dysfunctional stress, and the maximum level of wellbeing. This presentation offers a brief journey through stress and wellbeing, with the aim of changing common and often incorrect or incomplete views of these concepts.

About Jorge F. S. Gomes

-PhD in Management at Manchester Business School, Manchester;

-MSc in Statistics and Information Systems Management, ISEGI-Lisbon Nova University;

-BSc in Social and Organisational Psychology, ISPA, Lisbon;

-Associate Professor at ISEG/ULisboa, where he teaches HRM, OB, and strategic management;

-Director of the MBA-ISEG/ULisboa, and of the Fast-Track Management Programme;

-Previously, he conducted research and/or taught at ICESI (Colombia), ISCTE/IUL (Portugal), the University of Canterbury (New Zealand), ISPA (Portugal), and the University of Twente (the Netherland);

-More than 100 scientific papers and books, both national and international; researcher in the HRM area;

-Key note invited speaker in several universities, in Brazil, UK, Russia, Latvia, and Croatia, amongst others.