Y-break with Kora: Let’s talk about money!

Klo: 13.00 - 15.00
Paikka: Tampere University of Technology, Kora, Kampusareena 8th floor

Have you ever wondered what is Venture Capital (VC)? Do I need insurances when starting a company? How digitalisation affects entrepreneurs?
Y-kampus and Kora host a startup event! Come and learn about money and entrepreneurship. This is also a great opportunity to network with like-minded people and to enjoy the best views at Tampere University of Technology – TUT. Please hit the “going” button so we can buy enough snacks.
13.00-13.15: Arrival & Coffee
13.15-13.30: Päivi Kuusikoski from Nordea Suomi: Start-up and Grow(th)
13.30-13.45: Mika Uusi-Pietilä from East Wings: What is Venture Capital (VC) and how to use it
13.45-14.00: Mika Setälä from Holvi: How digitalisation affects entrepreneurs
14.00-14.15: xxx from OP: What should I know about insurances when starting a company
14.15: Free networking as long as you wish